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Enforcement Security Sponsive security provider and employer in the security industry by applying superior management of the needs of its clients and its staff. We shall achieve this through our forthright approach to developing open, honest relationships with the people we deal with and always striving to do things better.

Our staff are committed to maintaining high professional standards in their work and appearance as well as providing a caring. discreet and effective security service to every one of our customers.


A service designed to meet the needs of each contract and the security risks involved, whether at a factory gate, an office reception desk, a hotel check-in hall, a financial institution or an embassy reception desk. Uniformed, trained security guards are usually based permanently on customer's premises. Their duties may involve the central monitoring of security systems as well as extensive rounds of inspection at intervals during day and night.


This provides round - the - clock security and surveillance, involving a totally integrated fire, safety, and monitoring and security service by on-site guards. The service includes 24-hour monitoring of alarms and other information systems, such as air conditioning, temperature and process Gauges, as well as out-of-hours attention to telephones and fax machines. Urgent messages are handled and transferred to designated staff. safety and first aid services are among the many other duties our guards perform.

Store Detectives

Trained to handle all eventualities in a calm and courteous manner. You may feel a visible presence as offered by our 'Retail Security Officer' service is not really suited to your particular needs but you still require protection from the ever present with a store detective can offer all the advantages of a uniformed officer and more besides. His greatest asset is his ability to blend in with your customers and get closer to the problem areas without upsetting genuine shoppers or forewarning the thieves. Shoplifters can be both caught and dealt with quickly and unobtrusively, in a manner, which reflects your business and clientele.


Enforcement Security Solution offers a totally independent professional service. We advise on all matters of security as well as all of the previously mentioned areas. Together we can formulate a cost effective and practical solution for all of your security concerns. You will have the benefit of many years practical experience behind you when you request our 'Consultancy' services, ensuring a truly sound blueprint from which to begin. Our Consultancy service is there to advise you on the complexities of effective security implementation

Special Event/Concert

Experience of dealing with public gatherings of all sizes is another of our specialist areas. We can compile a plan suitable for the event that will take into consideration everything from the needs of your guests through to the safety of your performers, while maintaining a discreet yet effective presence.

Security Solution

The success of the company has been on our unrivalled ability to build and maintain a most successful three way partnership between our clients, our security officers and ourselves, giving a totally professional and reliable security service. We are renown in providing highly trained personnel, capable of dealing with the most complex of security issues. We are totally committed to supplying our clients with the very best of people and unparalleled contract management.

Our Security Services range from Static Officers through to Cover Operations and we are confident that we can find a solution to fit your individual requirements so please do not hesitate to contact us Should you need any further information.


We are always here to answer any enquiries you may have about our services.
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